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Nicholas Denty

First introduced to the Pilates method in 2007 because of a car accident, Nick was recommended to do Pilates by a Physical Therapist for a full recovery. It helped heal the injuries from the car accident and other major injuries sustained from a work related accident a few years prior.
Nick first learned the Classical method; the Romana Lineage of Joseph Pilates and has since then trained in both classical and contemporary Pilates methods. He was comprehensively trained in 2008 by Jill Cassady in Santa Monica, Ca.
From one on one training to large group classes, Nick has taught to a large segment of population over the years. His beginner classes emphasis safety as well as proper technique. Intermediate training accommodates progressions that stops the plateauing effect. Lastly, his mindset and knowledge of the working human body helps advanced training clients grow to an unparalleled strength.
Nicks guidance has helped rehab clients with a wide array of ailments such as hip/ knee replacements, Scoliosis, and Tennis/Golfers elbow just to name a few. Nick often says,"Every new injury is a new learning experience because every body is different and leads different lives".
On his time off you would find Nick helping his parents on their family's large cattle ranch in Nevada City. It allows him to escape the urban life and reflect on the important things. When the weathers nice, swimming and hiking are some of his favorite activities, especially at his favorite spots in and around Sierra City, Ca. He's been going there with his family since the 80's and highly recommends the area for recreation.

Nicholas Denty instructs the following:
  • Pilates Reformer Mix
  • Work your core and more! Blend mat, barre, reformer and powerful core exercises to tone, gain strength, and flexibility heat to toe.