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10 fun outdoor spring fitness activities you can do in your own backyard

For the past several months, your fitness routine has consisted of taking walks on your treadmill, doing workouts on your TV or computer screen, or shoveling snow. But with the weather getting warmer, you are more than ready to get your workouts outdoors. These fun outdoor spring fitness activities that you can do in your own backyard will turn things around and motivate you to put your best foot forward. Well leggings again.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys working out with a group of friends but can’t be with them in person, you can do these outdoor spring fitness activities with your BFFs through FaceTime or Zoom. Like you, they can don a pair of comfy leggings and sneakers, head out to their own backyard on a sunny day, and set their phones or laptops on a chair nearby. Your roommates can also have fun and laugh with you while throwing a Frisbee, throwing their own mini-golf course, or doing some quick gardening.

Notably, these outdoor spring fitness activities don’t require much. You can participate in most with just a yoga mat, a set of free weights, and your shiny demeanor. All the details are below, so change up your workouts once and for all.


Throw a Frisbee at Your Dog

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Your adorable puppy is always ready to play, so get him involved in your springtime activities as soon as possible. Take a frisbee or a tennis ball and throw them in your backyard. Train them to bring it back to you after you catch it and finish off with delicious spoonfuls of peanut butter for you and for them.


Set up a miniature golf course

The items you have around your house and garage are great for setting up a DIY mini golf course in your backyard. To start, collect four medium-sized cups for each hole. The cup will be your ultimate target – the place where you want your ball to land after going through a series of mazes.

Once you have these mugs, collect items that could serve as roadblocks, like pool noodles or wooden boxes. Also grab anything that could be a complex obstacle, like a paper towel roll that could be turned into a tunnel or a cutting board that could be turned into a ramp when placed on a bowl.

Make your holes in your garden or on the roof before going around the course and having a Ball.

What would spring be without a little gardening? The season is the time to buy new plants and give them a new home. In the spirit of warm weather and getting your space ready for spring as quickly as possible, you and your friends can turn gardening into a fun run.

First, decide how many plants you want to plant and a list of approved gardening tools. Then FaceTime your friends and let the race begin. If you can’t all jump on FaceTime, since you’re busy with work or school, time yourself. Submit your final time in group chat to compare.


Play kickball with your roommates

When you were a kid, you might have spent spring afternoons playing kickball with your friends during recess. Create teams with your roommates and bring this classic game back to life. Use cones, cutting boards, or stones to mark your bases. Also be sure to coordinate a team color to wear.

You’ll be sweating and smiling in no time, especially if you put a 2000s-inspired playlist to listen to while walking to the plate.


Go on a Ring Fit Adventure

If you are using a Nintendo Switch Lite to play Animal crossing: new horizons and Just dance, plan to release it this spring and play Ring shaped adventure ($ 80, best buy).

This game uses Nintendo’s Ring-Con ™ and Leg Strap to track your movements. These moves are used to conquer each level of a fantasy adventure, where you face off against a mighty dragon and his loyal minions. Some levels train you to jog, while others require you to do yoga poses. You will no longer want to put your controller down.


Hula Hoop to an upbeat playlist

Believe it or not, the hula hoop can be a really good workout because it activates your heart. Take a hoop down your driveway, on your roof, or in your yard and see how long you can rotate the hoop around your body. You can either count how many times it spins or use a stopwatch on your phone.

While you are doing this, prepare an upbeat playlist or one of your friends on FaceTime, who is trying to achieve their own goals. It will encourage you to keep going and focus on having fun.


Test your knowledge of TikTok dance

Have you seen the videos on TikTok where you can test your knowledge of dances like “Renegade” and “Savage”? If so, don’t waste time putting on your dancing shoes and challenge yourself to some sort of virtual dance. You can practice each dance in advance if you want your video to run smoothly or see how you fare right off the bat.

To start dancing, put the original sound by @bennettcurran.


Lift a bag of potting soil

Bags of potting soil are heavyso they can also be used as free weights on a spring day. If this is the type of physical activity you are looking for, bring a bag of dirt, sneakers, and a yoga mat to your backyard. Lift off the floor while doing other exercises like squats, loungers, and hip lifts.


Practice a sun salutation flow

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In the spring, your training partner can be the sun, and you can give them a supportive high-five by doing a sun salutation. This is a type of yoga flow that features many sun-inspired poses including the upward facing dog and inverted warrior.

If you don’t know how to make one on your own, there are many videos you can follow on YouTube including this one 30 Minute Sun Salutation by Deliciously Ella, and this amazing flow with meditation by Abiola Akanni.


Meditate to the sound of birdsong

Meditation, while not as active as other activities, can be a refreshing and calming activity to participate in. In the spring, you can adapt it to the season by listening to the birdsong in your area and focusing on the sound of the breeze.

If you live in a city where there are more cars than birds, you can choose to meditate outdoors using an app. Calmed down, My life, Where Meditation nest are all great options and will allow you to dig deep in your backyard or in a local park.