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12 fun outdoor winter fitness activities you won’t want to collapse on

Keeping up with your workouts in the winter can be tricky because it’s cold enough outside to go for a run and too comfortable inside to want to do anything other than drink hot chocolate. But, if you’re ready to bundle up in a quilted coat and fleece-lined leggings, you’ll find these fun winter fitness activities at home worth ditching your mug and marshmallows. Not only are they a great way to get some fresh air, but they can also feel adventurous. The best part is they can all be done in your own backyard with your roommates, puppies, or on your own.

You may need to take out your snowshoes for some of these outdoor fitness activities at home, and for others, you will channel your youth by doing an obstacle course with freshly fallen snow. None will look like your average workout, that’s for sure.

These home outdoor winter fitness activities are undeniably fun, which means they swap the reps for some really cute snow pants and pushups to hang out with your adorable puppy. To get started, read all the details needed, grab all the gear (including mittens) you might need, and step outside for some winter fitness activity you don’t want to collapse on.


Pull your winter loving puppy on a sled

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If your puppy enjoys playing in the snow, encourage him to go out with you for a fun afternoon of sleigh rides. Place them on a plastic tube or sled – with cozy blankets, of course – that’s attached to two ropes that you can pull while working your upper body. Take your puppy to visit your yard and don’t forget the treats.


Take a snow shovel race

You and your roommates might not like shoveling snow on an average winter day, but you’ll love a run to complete your section of the driveway during this fun winter fitness activity. To play, decide where each of the sections begins and ends. On the count of three, start shoveling and see who can lift all the snow from their section on the yard first. No missing places are allowed.


Take a snow-covered obstacle course

Doing a snow-covered obstacle course is snow great fun because it makes you feel like a kid again and only needs little time to settle down. To do your obstacle you will need a phone timer, gloves and a shovel. The stages of the obstacle course will include: starting a stopwatch, rushing to make and throwing five snowballs, shoveling five medium sized piles of snow into a new pile, doing 10 obstacle jumps, then stopping the timer.

See how quickly you can complete the to-do list. You can even shoot a fast-paced TikTok video while you’re doing it to give others a little bit of #inspo.


Create a winter-themed dance challenge

There are so many dance challenges on TikTok, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compose a catchy song of your own on your own. To do this, imagine some of your favorite moves and see how you can connect them to each other.

Light up the white fairy lights, dress like a cozy snow bunny and groove in your garden. (Important bonus points if you do this while it’s snowing.) Once you’ve created the dance, post it on the app with a new hashtag and see if you can ask your BFFs to do it at their house. .


Snowshoeing in a circle around your house

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The racket can be such a great workout and a great way to get some fresh air. So, buckle up on your own and take a few laps around your house to do your winter training. If you want company while you do it, listen to a podcast, FaceTime a friend, or recruit one of your roommates to join you. It will make the experience so enjoyable.


Play basketball in the garden with snowballs

Did you know you can play basketball with snowballs? Just set up two large bowls, bins, or containers that can be “baskets” and make a pile of snowballs. Then, while listening to your upbeat workout playlist, try tossing the snowballs in the DIY baskets. Add some competition to the game by having your roommates play too.

Don’t underestimate the power of a nature walk. It can be such a refreshing activity to do after sitting in front of your laptop for hours or after finishing an indoor sit-up workout. Of course, to do this you will need a good pair of sneakers and a mature garden or a small stream. If you don’t have that kind of space, walk around your house listening to a meditation series.


Imagine you are speed skating on your patio

Turn your patio into a kind of ice rink for this fun winter fitness activity. Find a flat, dry place to stand, then pretend you’re a skater rushing towards the finish line. Jump from side to side, alternating your leg swinging backwards as you do this. Check it out Winter sports inspired training on TikTok to see what the move should look like.

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Winter is typically a time of reflection, and yoga (or snow-ga) can be a great way to fold in on yourself. So find some flat ground in your snowy backyard where you can engage in moves like a downward dog, mountain pose, and tree pose, or follow a simple yoga video on YouTube. Do this while listening to the natural sounds around you.


Configure your own bowling alley

Bowling in your backyard is a real thing, and you should know it. To play, you must first build your driveway. It should consist of pins, which can be created with cans, bottles or tall containers, and balls.

From there, try to roll the ball and see how many pins you can tip or knock down. If you get a “strike” or a “reserve” make sure you give yourself a pat on the back. You will have a lot of laughs and get some unique outdoor content for your Insta.


Make a bunch of snow angels

Growing up, you might have made snow angels while your siblings helped shovel the driveway. As an adult, you can still have fun in the snow by doing a whole lot more in the spirit of winter fitness.

Find empty patches of snow where you can extend your arms and legs, then move them side to side. Appreciate your snowy artwork from a window the next day.


Go toboggan runs on a big hill

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Tobogganing will always be a fun winter activity. But, it can also be considered a workout, especially if you have to climb a really big hill in your backyard after you’ve hiked all the way.

For this activity, you will need to recruit your roommates. Have everyone take a sled and see who can go up and down the hill five times the fastest. You will be sure to get a quality workout and accumulate new memes.