Daily activities

Are meaningful daily activities related to well-being?

Source: Skeeze / Pixabay Well-being is an important and popular topic; indeed, I have already written about various ways of promoting well-being: buying experiences for objects, developing strengths of character, not seeing time as money, etc. Another way to achieve wellness is to engage in meaningful activities. In today’s post, I review an article published […]

Physical activities

Michigan’s New COVID Ordinance Allows More Physical Activity Indoors – Everything You Need to Know

LANSING, Mich. – When New COVID-19 order from Michigan goes into effect this weekend, some additional indoor physical activities will be permitted. Director Robert Gordon, of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, said the new ordinance will go into effect Jan. 16 and last until Jan. 31. The previous MDHHS order was due […]

Fitness activities

Safe Fun-Fit Bayfront health and fitness activities resume on Saturday

“Safe Fun-Fit at the Bayfront,” Corpus Christi’s health and wellness program, is set to resume Saturday morning with a free 5K and fitness classes. Starting at 7 a.m., the 5K will begin at Water’s Edge downtown and will be limited to 200 participants. Fitness and 5K classes will follow COVID-19 safety guidelines, with face coverings […]

Fitness activities

12 fun outdoor winter fitness activities you won’t want to collapse on

Keeping up with your workouts in the winter can be tricky because it’s cold enough outside to go for a run and too comfortable inside to want to do anything other than drink hot chocolate. But, if you’re ready to bundle up in a quilted coat and fleece-lined leggings, you’ll find these fun winter fitness […]