Physical activities

Charity announces Perthshire camps offering physical activities for children will reopen next year

A charity that provides free transformative respite for children with serious illnesses has announced that it will reopen its Perthshire base camp in 2022.

Strathallan School’s “Over the Wall” camps will return for the first time since their interruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reopening of residential camps will mean children in Perth and the surrounding area and beyond will once again be able to experience activities such as dancing, archery, arts and crafts, rock climbing, nightlife. festival theme, nightclubs, participation in challenge classes and more.

In addition to hosting the new residential camps in 2022, Over The Wall will continue to offer its Camp in the Cloud, an innovative and interactive virtual camp that engages and connects children through a range of online activities.

To ensure the safety of campers, Over The Wall enforces COVID-19 safety measures and will follow government guidelines at all times. All adults present should be fully immunized and all volunteers and staff should perform a PCR test before entering camp.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for our charity,” said Kevin Mathieson, CEO of the charity. “By developing a combination of physical and virtual camps, we can once again offer residential experiences at Strathallan School, while also providing a virtual camp alternative for children who may not be well enough or able to do so. to assist.

“It means we can reach a lot more children with serious illnesses. Additionally, those who cannot secure a place in our physical camps can apply for Camp in the Cloud, which is great news. “

Over The Wall will also recruit volunteers in the Perth area for its physical camps, as well as nurses, doctors and paramedics, and remote volunteers for virtual camps. Call 02392 477110 or apply online.