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Fun indoor physical activities for kids

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Winter is booming, and if you’re like me, you live in a place where you’ve had a cold fall before and will probably have a windy spring. Although I have an adoring love for the changing seasons, I also have three active children who are beginning to climb the walls and use my furniture as their own personal Olympic arena.

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Understanding that active play is necessary for children’s development and health, I started looking for toys that would provide my children with the opportunity to play in a robust way, while avoiding damage to my house and, above all, that would would provide enough fun for them to be fully engaged. To my surprise, I found 10 great options!

1. Outdoor fun, indoor size

This durable bouncy house will keep your little ones bouncing all winter long.

Designed for long winters, the Little Tikes Jump N’ Slide Inflatable Game brings all the fun of an outdoor bouncy house right into your own home. Inflating in just one minute, the 12-foot by 9-foot bouncer and slide can accommodate children up to a combined weight of 250 pounds.

Designed with safety and durability in mind, the double-stitched polyester bouncer offers a safety net, ground stakes (for outdoor use), and a heavy-duty fan with a GFCI outlet that shuts off immediately when in use. case of faulty current. Bonus: It comes complete with a stuff sack so you can put it away once it’s completely exhausted the kids (#goals).

Get the Little Tikes Jump N’ Slide jumper on Amazon for $199.99

2. Movement activities delivered by courier

The Movement in a Box subscription service lives up to its name!

Children get bored easily and when they do, it can be hard to keep them motivated. This is a problem easily solved by Movement in a box, a subscription service that will have kids waiting by the window for its quarterly delivery.

Created by two-time Olympic medalist Molly Schaus, Movement in a Box strives to get little bodies and little brains moving by bringing screen-free, interactive, motion-based games and activities right to your doorstep. Based on research and designed by experts, each box contains age-appropriate movement elements that can be used for over 12 activities, plus helpful tips that build on each other.

Designed for ages 3-6, the activities can be played independently or with the whole family involved. And because a new box of new items and activities arrives every quarter, kids don’t have time to get bored or stop moving before the fun begins again.

Get a Movement in a Box subscription for $49

3. A bouncing toy

The attached handlebar keeps your child safe as they jump, jump and bounce.

When energy is high but space is limited, the Little Tikes Easy Store Trampoline is the perfect solution. Perfect for little people who need to burn a lot of energy in a small space, the trampoline offers foldable handlebars so that when it’s not helping jumping beans up to 55 pounds get all their moves out, it can be easily stowed away for the next snow day.

Get the Little Tikes Easy Store Trampoline at Walmart for $69.99

4. Perfect fitness for little bodies and developing brains

Your little one can embark on a mini adventure from the comfort of their own home.

Inspired by Montessori, the Pikler Triangle has become a cult favorite among moms and it’s easy to see why. Encouraging movement, independent activity and motor skill development, Montessori climbing sets also help kids burn off a ton of energy indoors.

At a phenomenal price, the WoodandHearts Montessori Climber Set is an absolute must-have for busy, growing little ones. CE and CPC certified, the climbing set is made of high-end polished birch plywood, durable water-based paints and eco-friendly varnish. Arriving in three pieces – a Pikler triangle, a ramp with hand and foot grips and an arch – it is modular in its configuration and skill requirements.

Available in two sizes for ages eight months (with adult supervision) to 8 years and up to 132 pounds, it’s designed to grow with your child for years to come.

Get the Montessori Climber Pikler Triangle, Ramp and Arch from WoodandHearts on Etsy for $179

5. Is it a playground or a gym system? It’s both!

What's cooler than swinging and climbing inside?

What better way to encourage the development of large motor skills during the winter than to bring the whole playground indoors? It’s a concept that comes to life with the Playzone Kidtrix Deluxe Door System, where space is never an issue as a single door offers a range of possibilities.

Fitting doors 25 to 36 inches wide, the system includes a swing, rings, rope, ladder and trapeze, all hanging from a pair of quiet carabiners so kids can have fun and parents parents can keep their sanity. Assembled in minutes with all accessories interchangeable in seconds, the system is designed for ages 3-12, but can support up to 300 pounds. Certified to the ASTM international standard for home gym equipment, the system doubles as a pull-up bar for kids and their parents.

Get the Playzone Kidtrix Deluxe Six-Piece Door System at Bed Bath and Beyond for $149.99

6. Fun for kids, healthy for the heart

Not only is this little exercise bike great for their health, it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker for hours of fun.

Research shows that children need for cardiovascular exercise, but that can be hard to achieve when the weather outside keeps the kids indoors. This is a problem with an easy fix in the Little Tikes Pelican Explorer and Fit Bike– and it’s also incredibly fun.

Modeled to perform like a kid-sized stationary bike, kids must pedal through high-energy videos that simulate being on a bike, snowboard or even a roller coaster. Made with a sturdy steel adjustable frame, the bike can accommodate children ages 3-7 and weighing up to 70 pounds. Complete with coil spring action and textured grips, the Pelican Explore and Fit Cycle also sports a reclining seat and Bluetooth speakers that add to the immersive experience. In fact, the biggest problem might be giving your child a break!

The bike requires you to use your own tablet in the attached tablet holder, but media content is free and easy to access.

Get the Little Tikes Pelican Explore and Fit Bike on Amazon for $142.01

7. The playground reinvented

Slip right into a good time.

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s a slide, and you can count on the Little Tikes Easy Store Slide to never have a muddy puddle on the bottom when you set it up indoors. . Big, sturdy and designed for kids up to 50 pounds, the Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide promises hours of fun before easily folding down for space-saving storage.

Get the Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide on Amazon for $69.99

8. A game that will make you watch your feet

There couldn't be a better opportunity to play a fun game of

Bring the creativity of outdoor play inside where it’s hot, with Edxeducational’s Step-A-Trail Set. Containing six logs and stumps of varying heights and colors, kids can create their own active path around your home. Whether they’re hopping across a room or tiptoeing down the hall, the textured surface and non-slip base help keep playtime safe. And the added bonus of Step-A-Trail’s high 729-pound weight limit means even mom and dad can join in the fun.

Get Step-A-Trail from Edxeducational on Amazon for $69.99

9. A fitness playset designed even for the little ones

These colorful and eye-catching foam blocks are soft and perfect for floor play.

Babies and toddlers not only like to move and climb, but they need for their development, and the FDP Softscape Playtime and Climb set is the perfect set to encourage this. Comprised of six foam-filled blocks in varying sizes and colors, the set allows for multiple configurations to encourage climbing, sliding, rolling, jumping, and soft, safe play. Covered in thick, commercial-grade polyurethane certified Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US, the blocks have textured, non-slip bases to help keep your little one safe and entertained all winter long.

Get the FDP Softscape Playtime and Climb on Amazon for $131.51

10. A gaming system that will make your teens want to get up off the couch

Now your little ones can test their personal strength with this practically compatible Plankpad.

Getting kids, especially older kids, to turn off video games and get moving is a struggle many parents know well. But now kids don’t have to turn off the games to get their hearts beating and their minds beating.

scles activates because Plankpad, the world’s first app-supported full-body trainer, combines video games with fitness, and the results are remarkable.

Designed to be controlled while standing in a plank position, Plankpad streams directly to your phone, tablet or smart TV. Plankpad is the perfect blend of necessary fitness moves with incredible fun. But perhaps more importantly, it saves parents the hassle of having to constantly say “turn off the games” to get kids active.

Get Plankpad on Amazon for $89

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