Fitness activities

Kettering adds outdoor fitness activities including Zumba, Pilates, and yoga.

“I like being outside. I will be exercising outdoors rather than indoors any day, ”said instructor JJ Kunkle. “Outdoor exercise was my reason during the pandemic and I love having the chance to share my passion for the outdoors. “

Kunkle teaches Pilates classes and leads the scavenger hunt.

“Pond View Pilates is much better than Studio View Pilates,” she said.

Instructor Sherri Raderstorf feels the same about yoga classes in the park.

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“This is definitely a course that is suitable for all skill levels and is ideal for people who want to return to an exercise program and feel especially safe in an outdoor setting,” Raderstorf said. “It’s a great way to experience the stillness of yoga and the stillness of Mother Nature all in one.”

Curry has noticed that more and more people are slowly returning to group fitness classes, but outdoor classes provide an additional safe option. Outdoor spaces allow for easy social distancing, not to mention a few other perks.

“We have tons of space to spread out when we’re outside,” Kunkle said. “Nature provides us with fresh air and natural fans as well as vitamin D.”

A little sun, paired with some fun music and friends, can be all the motivation you need to add fitness to your routine.

“I don’t often Zumba outdoors, but when I do I really enjoy it,” instructor Amy Robinson said. “Seeing the joy on customers’ faces as they dance to drive away their worries is always great. Being outside allows passing people to watch and potentially join our energy classes.

Fresh air and fitness in Kettering

Participants must bring their own yoga mats, towels and water.

Pilates by the pond

What: Pilates focuses on the core muscles, but participants will get a very low impact full body workout. It is suitable for all fitness levels, keeping in mind that we will be on the floor as a whole class.

When: June 12, 9-10 a.m.

Or: The Indian pond of Riffle

Which: 13 years and over

Cost: $ 3 residents, $ 5 non-residents

Yoga in the park

What: Course designed for all levels and ideal for people who want to resume an exercise program and feel safe in an outdoor setting.

When: Wednesday classes 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., three sessions available – June 9 to 30, July 7 to 28 and August 4 to 25

Or: Wenzler Park Pavilion

Which: 13 years and over

Cost: $ 30 residents, $ 40 non-residents per four-week session

Zumba on the island

What: Dance fitness program that incorporates Latin and world rhythms with movement, mixing low and high intensity movements to create an interval style workout. All levels are welcome.

When: May 29 and August 14, 9-10 a.m.

Or: Lincoln Park Commons

Which: 13 years and over

Cost: $ 3 residents, $ 5 non-residents

Fitness Treasure Hunt

What: Participants will solve clues that will lead them all over the Kettering Recreation Complex and Indian Riffle Park. A fitness task will be assigned before participants can venture to their next destination.

When: June 28, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Where: Kettering Recreation Complex and Indian Riffle Park

Which: 8 years and over

Cost: $ 3 residents, $ 5 non-residents

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