Physical activities

Malaysians welcome decision to allow some physical activity during lockdown, warn SOPs must be strictly followed

PETALING JAYA: With individual physical activities such as jogging and non-contact sports allowed to resume during the two-week total lockdown, health-conscious Malaysians can breathe a sigh of relief, but some have expressed concern over whether the activities will contribute to the spread of Covid-19.

Joshua Ponnundorai commented on Facebook that the decision to allow individual sports and jogging would be good for people’s health, provided the precautions are strictly followed.

“Just follow the SOP (standard operating procedure) and stop judging and tolerating everyone’s choices, as long as we stick to the SOP.

“There is more than enough data to show what the true sources of clusters are, and I’m pretty sure jogging isn’t one of them,” he said.

Joshua thinks it is good that large public parks are closed, as jogging should be limited to the housing area and residential playgrounds with all benches closed, to limit jogging for short periods of time only.

Facebook user Edward Clayton, meanwhile, said people with a sedentary lifestyle will be more likely to develop severe symptoms of Covid-19 if infected.

“Observations show that inactive people who catch Covid-19 are much more likely to end up in intensive care and on a ventilator than those who exercise regularly.

“We should make it mandatory for anyone who is able to do a proper workout three times a week. And it can’t be done inside your home unless you have a gym. complete there, “he commented.

Facebook user Ginger Tea, however, advised joggers to be careful to avoid the spread of Covid-19 to others if any of them were an asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus.

“What if the jogger was a silent carrier of the virus? Along the way, while he is jogging, he will surely open his mouth to inhale and exhale and he is actually blowing the virus from his mouth into the air.

“For joggers, think twice even if you think you are an SOP jogger. Be a responsible rakyat if you think jogging is harmless,” she said.

Likewise, Fren Sammy felt that outdoor activities and jogging should not be allowed, as the virus can be easily spread due to the nature of the activity.

“No jogging, no outdoor activity please. The virus can be spread easily when people start to breathe harder while running or jogging.

“They can exercise at home to improve their immunity,” he said.

Many others have reminded that people should not take advantage of the authorization to exercise by doing other activities that could contribute to the spread of the virus.

“You can jog but after jogging, do not gather together. After jogging, go home straight away. Otherwise, there is no point in individual sport and no contact with a human being,” Aimara Sakura warned. .

Somasundaram Venkareswaran stressed that no law or SOP will work if people do not practice self-regulation.

“It must be a stand-alone initiative. It is not possible for the government to oversee and enforce the laws on 32 million people. Let us all be realistic and practical,” he said.