Daily activities

Plainfield Park District Celebrations National Parks and Recreation Month with Daily Activities

PLAINFIELD, IL – Did you know that July is National Parks and Recreation Month? The Plainfield Park District, in partnership with the Illinois Park & ​​Recreation Association, will provide daily activities designed to encourage people to “unplug” from technology and connect to play, creativity, family and on an adventure.

Why unplug? Unplugging provides many physical, mental, social and health benefits such as:

Improve your physical health – According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, getting 30 minutes of physical activity can improve blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce stress and extend lifespan.

Improve your mental health – The National Recreation and Park Association says more time spent in parks and green spaces can help individuals combat mental health issues like depression, anxiety and stress.

Improve your social interactions – Spending time with family and friends helps cope with trauma, encourages healthy habits and can reduce health risks such as stress and high blood pressure according to the Mayo Clinic.

Improve your lifestyle – Committing to getting away from screens can improve sleep cycles, boost presence in the moment, increase productivity and improve social connections.