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Supernatural’s VR fitness suite now includes boxing – COOL HUNTING®

To slide on a Oculus Quest or Quest 2 and enter Supernatural is to discover the future of fitness. In a year and a half since its inception, this popular VR app, with a suite of activities inside, has taught consumers that home workouts blend remarkably well with virtual reality worlds. Now, boxing, with programs guided by real-life coaches, is the final modality, joining the full-body cardiovascular routines, as well as the meditation and recovery experiences already available. This addition allows players to ram, block and strike virtual targets set in stunning photorealistic settings, with a compelling soundtrack behind it all. There are three intensity levels to accommodate a wide range of participants and overall the experience equips those looking to train in the privacy of home while maintaining a community of like-minded people who are constantly looking for inspiration.

With Supernatural, the Oculus headset transports players in such a way that the material almost seems to disappear, even when one starts to box and gets deeply involved in the movements. Beyond physical training, the encapsulated sensory experience is twofold. First of all, the captivating catalog of 1,000 songs – from artists like Billie Eilish, Lizzo, TV on the Radio and Joy Division – is extensive and there are enough offerings (from both major and independent artists) for participants can find their groove.

Perhaps most importantly, every boxing session takes place in absolutely fascinating places around the planet and outside of it. It means everywhere, from Mount Everest to Chichen Itza, to the Icelandic volcano Snæfellsjökull, the Namib Desert to Namibia and beyond. Perhaps most notable are Mars (which was built using footage filmed by a rover, coupled with the sound of the real Martian wind) and the Moon (with the scene stitched together from NASA panoramic images. ). In these cases, Supernatural really lives up to its name.

While we often follow VR for groundbreaking storytelling developments, Supernatural demonstrates the power of technology for health and wellness on a much larger scale. Supernatural has already racked up an following – and with the addition of boxing, which kicks off with eight workouts (and three new outings each week), more will come.

Images courtesy of Supernatural