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Sandwell hula-hooper makes physical activities inclusive and fun

Rachel Conlisk, who founded Bearwood-based Creative Active Lives CIC In 2019, she founded Creative Active Lives CIC, a non-profit organization that provides entertainment and education sessions for people of all ages and abilities. The activities are aimed at participants who might otherwise face barriers when accessing opportunities to improve their physical and mental well-being. It […]

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Schoolchildren will be encouraged to do daily activities with the aim of improving their physical and mental well-being, Highland advisers said

Nicky grant Highland Councilors have been informed that the focus will be on improving the physical and mental well-being of all pupils. Nicky Grant, Executive Director of Education and Learning, said: “Over the summer we embarked on the Summer of Hope program in Highland where over 1,400 targeted youth attended sessions and we have created […]

Physical activities

Physical activities that help children’s brain development and growth

Physical inactivity is now considered the leading cause of death in the world. In children, this can lead to an increased incidence of obesity and other lifestyle disorders. There has been an alarming increase in childhood obesity over the past decade, which is secondary to either lack of physical activity or overeating. Physical activity during […]

Physical activities

Exercising Safely: Ways to Prevent Injury During Physical Activity

Exercise Safely: How To Prevent Injury During Physical Activities Photo credit: iStock Images Highlights There are several reasons, such as not resting during workouts, due to which people can get injured during training. Regulation of a compatible and healthy fitness routine is necessary for performing exercise sessions safely Staying physically active is essential for keeping […]

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10 Effective Physical And Mental Activities For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders – Dr Himani Narula Khanna

Many children with autism spectrum disorders have lower fitness levels due to poor balance in body coordination, visuomotor control, and other mobility abilities. Physical activity programs for children and youth with autism have produced a variety of benefits, some of which include improved motor skills, skill-related fitness, social functioning, and muscle strength and endurance. According […]

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Decisions About ‘Safe’ Fitness Activities Will Be Made By Gyms And Customers, Alberta Health Minister Says

Decisions about what constitutes “safe” indoor fitness activities will be left to gym owners and their customers, the Alberta health minister said. As part of stage 2 of the province’s stimulus plan, announced on Monday, gyms and fitness centers were allowed to reopen for “low-intensity” activities. Health Minister Tyler Shandro said on Tuesday there was […]

Physical activities

Michigan’s New COVID Ordinance Allows More Physical Activity Indoors – Everything You Need to Know

LANSING, Mich. – When New COVID-19 order from Michigan goes into effect this weekend, some additional indoor physical activities will be permitted. Director Robert Gordon, of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, said the new ordinance will go into effect Jan. 16 and last until Jan. 31. The previous MDHHS order was due […]