Physical activities

Fun indoor physical activities for kids

– The recommendations are chosen independently by the editors of Reviewed. The purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Winter is booming, and if you’re like me, you live in a place where you’ve had a cold fall before and will probably have a windy spring. Although I have an adoring […]

Fitness activities

Garmin Connect 2021 Global Fitness Report Finds Increase in Fitness Activity

Garmin today released its Garmin Connect 2021 Global Fitness Report… “Providing an overview of the activities of millions of Garmin smartwatch users around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second year.” The company notes that whether they take the trails, inclines, or even the yoga mat, Garmin customers have recorded more activity than […]

Daily activities

What daily activities increase the risk of contracting COVID-19? | Medicine

Certain daily activities that increase the risk of contracting the coronavirus, according to scientists at the British Institute of Health Informatics. They compared data from the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic from October 2020 to April 2021 with the period from September to November of last year, when no restrictions were imposed. It turned […]

Physical activities

8 fun fitness games and physical activities for kids

The products in this story are independently selected and presented in an editorial manner. If you make a purchase using these links, we may earn a commission. As parents and schools grapple with whether to keep children at home amid the wave of the COVID-19 omicron variant, a major concern for many is how it […]

Fitness activities

Range of fitness activities available across Wigan to kick off 2022

A range of fitness activities are available Multiple sessions will be offered, on various themes, as part of several new free weight management programs. Senior Public Health Advisor James Moodie believes it is important to provide these types of services. He said: “At Wigan Council, we are committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity […]

Physical activities

China issues first physical activity guideline to encourage outdoor exercise

Photo: Courtesy of Baidu China on Wednesday released the country’s first physical activity guideline for citizens of all ages, especially those with chronic illnesses, with the aim of improving the health of the entire population, which faces a serious problem of aging, myopia and obesity. Chen Junshi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, […]

Daily activities

Active daily activities help reduce risk of dementia in older people, study finds

Photo (c) Professor25 – Getty Images A new study by researchers at Simon Fraser University explored the impact of consumers’ daily habits on their risk of developing dementia. According to their findings, older consumers can reduce their risk of developing the disease by regularly participating in a variety of different activities. “The results of our […]

Daily activities

This stylish wearable bracelet tracks your daily activities to create smart recovery diets for you!

Maintaining an active lifestyle, which encourages good health and fitness, has become a top priority for most of us these days. We usually set fitness goals, which we then focus on with eagle’s vision! At least I’m trying. Wearable technology can be an absolute boon in helping us achieve those fitness goals! Fitness trackers and […]

Funding activities

Livent (NYSE: LTHM) Uses Debt Moderately

Warren Buffett said: “Volatility is far from synonymous with risk”. So it might be obvious, then, that you need to factor in debt, when you think about how risky a given stock is because too much debt can sink a business. Like many other companies Livent Company (NYSE: LTHM) uses debt. But the real question is whether […]

Daily activities

Kaukauna High School Takes Vacation Stress With Daily Activities

KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WBAY) – While the holidays may seem cheerful and bright, for many, they bring a tremendous amount of stress. “I think what we don’t realize is that, you know, sometimes we live in our own little bubble and we don’t see all the other people who maybe have a hard time on vacation,” […]